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Vitality and Reborn was created in February the 2nd, 2014. The name, Vitality is to state that this clan will stay active and strong, and Reborn is to state how we have remade the clan of McK, which had died. We, <vR>, are a recently founded constellation of intermediate Cube 2: Sauerbraten Players. We do not recognize ourselves as professionals, but rather a clan that is achieving a goal, to become one of the respected clans.

We seek for a clan, which is unique in every aspect through the Sauerbraten community. A picture of the current situation shows how inactive clans have gotten over the years. As you realize, many clans have not been able to survive longer that a month, or two. However, we as a clan believe that a strong friendship, community, between each other, will keep ourselves together for a long time.

You must understand, our main goal is not to survive 1 or 2 months as a clan. We believe that the continuous support of our members and leaders is what will keep a clan going. Therefore, we, as a clan, would like to recruit players who are active, friendly, and have potential.

Eventually, we will represent a force throughout the Sauerbraten community, that will show what group teamwork can do.

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